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Our company has a track record of approximately two years, during which we have worked directly in the field and understood the specific needs of professionals in this industry. This experience has allowed us to develop specialized and high quality solutions.

Our story

At SW Imports, our primary mission is to provide high quality products and offer exceptional service to a broad customer base throughout the Australian region. We strive to be an industry leader by focusing on product excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our story began about two years ago, while we were working in the fields, specifically in the cow milking section. During that time, we became aware of the large number of gloves used in the process and the inspiration to improve and optimize this essential part of our work arose within us.

Motivated by this observation, we decided to invest in nitrile gloves, recognizing their durability and ability to offer greater protection. But that was not enough for us. With our entrepreneurial vision, we ventured to create our own personal brand of nitrile gloves, seeking to satisfy the needs of the market and establish a differentiation in the industry.

Later, we encountered another challenge in our field of work: conserving pasture during the summer to feed the cows during the winter. The rains considerably reduced the growth of the grass, which represented a problem to ensure adequate nutrition for our cattle in the coldest months.

It was then that we decided to invest in silage, a plastic material that is used to cover the grass throughout the summer. This technique allowed us to preserve the grass in good condition, preserving its essential nutrients to be able to feed our cows during the winter. This strategy provided us with an effective and sustainable solution to face seasonal challenges and ensure the health and well-being of our cattle.

In addition to our focus on production and cow care, we also kept newborn calves in mind. Recognizing the importance of protecting these vulnerable animals from extreme cold, we decided to invest in the acquisition of special jackets for them. These jackets provide the necessary thermal insulation to prevent calves from suffering the adverse effects of low temperatures, promoting their survival and well-being.

In short, the SW Imports story is based on our experience in the field and our commitment to continuous improvement. Through the identification of needs and the search for innovative solutions, we have managed to establish a personal brand of nitrile gloves, implement the silage technique to conserve grass and ensure cattle feed during the winter, as well as protect calves. newborns through the provision of specialized jackets. Our focus is on animal welfare, operational efficiency and leadership in our industry.

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